VOTE.  It's Your Privilege.

VOTE. It's Your Privilege.

VOTE. It’s Your Privilege.

At Hummingbird, we are committed to being apolitical for the most part while still promoting discussion of issues that are important to our readers and our lives.

I struggled with our post today. I wanted it to be about voting—how important it is—how we must vote like our lives depend on it—because in fact, they might. We are acutely aware of all the issues at play—one of the most important is health care and affordable access to it. Our vote has potential to put power behind that pendulum. There are others: the economy, women’s rights, immigration, the environment, taxes, education, medical research, the Supreme Court, and more.

Everything I want to say has been clearly and eloquently stated by others. We know that the midterm elections are considered to be, and most likely are, a referendum on the President’s “performance” to date (performance meaning job performance and not meaning to reflect the reality TV sensibility, but if you take it that way, I understand). According to your point of view, stepping back from the person, one can appreciate what has been accomplished and what has been “destroyed.”

I believe that right now, we have hit a low in our country with regard to tolerance. The “hate” speech that is prevalent and is reported on 24/7 has promoted a lack of tolerance for diversity in every form, whether it be beliefs, politics, heritage, sexual orientation, skin. It has emboldened violence and a sense of vigilante-ism being patriotic in some way. I have to give a very serious WTF here. W-T-F!???!!!

That is why, eloquence aside, we have to vote today—vote for the people that value discourse and freedom. Vote for the people that think your health is as important as theirs. Whatever side of the aisle, try to vote for who will do the best job of representing what is right, and will work hard for it and not follow a pack. Vote your conscience and maybe not your party or your pocketbook.

Most important -- VOTE -- for goodness sake, please vote.

John F. Kennedy

“In these tense and anxious weeks, I know that every American citizen wants to know what he can do for his country. Not everyone can serve in our armed forces or serve our government, but there is one thing you can do. There is one way you can indicate your devotion to freedom. There is one way in which we can show how strongly we believe in our democracy. Next Tuesday, Nov. 6, is Election Day. I hope every American will turn out and vote — every American, every member of his family — and show the world how strongly we believe in freedom, how strongly we believe in our country, how strongly we believe in democracy.”

In Praise of Losers.

In Praise of Losers.

An Evolving Life.  Hope for What's Next

An Evolving Life. Hope for What's Next