Giving Thanks.

Gobble, gobble.

It’s that time of year again.

A marvelous holiday that’s open to every American - regardless of race or religion.
I am thankful for that.
And because everyone in my family is busy, busy, busy, during the year, it’s a special occasion for all of us to be together.
I am thankful for that.
My family has a leaning towards the funny side when we celebrate together.
I have enormous gratitude for the lack of seriousness.
There are always other times for that.
Good company, family and friends, sharing love and laughter, brilliant food and always, wonderful wine.
And we are all good Democrats.
Gratitude abounds.
It’s also a day when I allow myself to eat as many desserts as I can handle.
I am really, really grateful for that.
And I think it’s a good day for gratitude expressed, so we go around the table and I ask each person to share one thing they’re thankful for.
Sometimes it does get silly (there are 4 grandchildren) but this year I’m making it clear that they’re too old for silliness.
(I feel I should send a text to everyone, but I hold myself back.)
And this is what I’m planning to say before we dig into that brilliant food:

In these forlorn times, here in this country, l hope we will all be giving thanks to every one of us who is fighting against hate, racism, malevolence - against all evil thoughts and all evil actions.

And then I will say
Let’s eat!

Just Folks.  Just a Sliver.  Thanks.

Just Folks. Just a Sliver. Thanks.

Just Folks.  String Bean Casserole.

Just Folks. String Bean Casserole.