Musings & Threads.  Moving Right Along

Musings & Threads. Moving Right Along

Moving Right Along.

Sometimes, on a bad day when the cold has chased me back indoors, and I have slipped on the snow and bruised my ego, I thumb through listings looking to run away to someplace warm.  Not that I can afford it.  And I feel sorry for myself.
Which leads me to think about the decisions I've made in my life, with no thought or little thought to the future.  And I have to eat crow and come back to my reality. 
Somehow, I never thought I’d grow old.  I lived moment to moment, adventure to adventure way back in the before time.  It was all I knew how to do.
Betrayals happened.  Husbands left.  Houses were sold.  Long-term relationships filled a gap.  Holding my breath I moved on, uncertain but determined.  And I stopped an almost marriage in its tracks.  Twice.
So what is the worth of these memories?
A  fortune, really.  For the times well-lived, if not well-planned.  Others might have made different choices.  I made the ones that, at the time, were the only ones I knew how to make.
Yes, it's been a not-so-good day, but then we all have them.  
I am content, and some days downright happy.
I have a life I enjoy, with time to do so, I have a wonderful family, two remarkable children, four grandchildren that take my breath away,  good friends, someone who cooks for me, and a silly black cat. 
And I have a secret weapon against the cold of winter: a brother and a sister who live in Tucson, where the sun shines at least 287 days a year and it's sweater weather in January.
The world is going crazy around me, but I’m eminently sane.
And aware that it was just a bad day and the morning will be as bright as gold.
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