Musings & Threads.  Cold Weather.

Musings & Threads. Cold Weather.

Let me tell you how I feel about cold weather.
I hate it.
Usually, I put a four-letter word in front of hate and end it with ing.
But they won’t let me do this here.
I understand.
Today it was warm - maybe 22 degrees.
Yesterday it was 9 degrees, which supposedly felt like -8.
I wouldn’t know. I never left the house.
Why would I?
I can’t breathe.  My chest hurts.  My throat hurts. 
I’m a non-stop complainer.
And I eat too many cookies.
I am physically and psychologically unable to deal with cold weather.
My overwhelming desire is to hibernate until it’s over.
Load up on delicious fats to feed my body while I sleep through 3 months.
Genetically something happened.
I figure my maiden name (“maiden” what an odd description, I’m not sure I was ever one).
But I digress.
My before-married name was “Zaer.” Which rhymes with Bear.
Need I say more?
This is not my first winter.  Not by a long shot.
But I am helpless in the face of my intense hatred, 
Any and all suggestions appreciated.


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