Welcome to the Hamptons—the Hamptons you don’t see from the road while driving through Georgica, Little Cobb, Mecox, or Egypt Lane, or attending a summertime fundraiser. 

Aside from spectacular beaches, one of the things that draws the year round “locals” to the Hamptons is the agricultural heritage of the region, its farms and farmers, fresh fruits and vegetables, and the opportunity if you are so inclined to dig in to test out your own green thumb.  Admittedly, the soil and days of sunshine give us a little help.  You see beautiful vegetable gardens and lovely landscaping (when the deer don’t eat it!) at many homes.  I imposed upon Janet Verneuille and her husband Tom—the one with the green thumb--to provide some photos of what happens in their home in late August and early September.  Please take a moment to enlarge and click through.

This group of photos was followed by the comment from Janet, “He grows. I toil.” 

I know this first hand to be true, as throughout the summer, there are mini harvests—eggplants, figs, cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs, peaches, grapes.  I know that Janet is making jams and pies at midnight!  I know because I’ve been lucky enough to be the beneficiary of some of this fresh deliciousness, and I will tell you that there is nothing like being greeted by a dozen ripened, just-picked figs on your desk when you come into work, or looking forward to the afternoon when Janet will reward us all when she cuts into the beautiful pie that she baked with Tom’s home grown peaches. Tom is in charge of the sauce and trays of eggplant parmigiana!

This is what happens in many local homes and year-round offices over the summer.  Something that we all look forward to enjoying, along with the ocean and bays, boating and long walks.  These simple pleasures carry many of us through, and make the traffic of those seeking to be a part of the “glitz” of the Hamptons, just a little less unbearable.

Lost or Found?

Lost or Found?

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