Charity Highlight:  East End Arts

Charity Highlight: East End Arts

It would be hard to imagine the East End without East End Arts.  It is has long been an integral, guiding force and thread throughout the East End Community.  Founded in 1972 as a not-for-profit by a small group of artists who comprised the first board, EEA served first as an arts council with the goal representing the interests of the arts community, including arts organizations and individual members, in Riverhead and the North Fork of Long Island. 

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Clearly this mission, while remaining core, has expanded exponentially over the last forty-five years.  Essential to EEA’s goals in promoting and integrating the arts into our communities was the incorporation of the East End Arts School in 1995.  Regionally renown, the school provides group and individual art, theater, professional development and music lessons to approximately 500 students annually—from young children to seniors, with approximately 20% of its youth students receiving scholarship assistance.  Faculty at the EEA School includes professional artists and musicians, and graduates of esteemed arts programs and universities world-wide.  Importantly, many EEA students have gone on to achieve their dreams of professional careers in the visual and theater arts, as well as music, building upon the foundation they established as students at EEA.

Today, EEA is recognized as a catalyst for economic and cultural revitalization and has a long history of engagement through cultural tourism initiatives, collaborations with government, civic groups, health facilities, the LI Wine industry, other not-for-profits, and the businesses and corporations that serve our region.  EEA is known for its innovative and award winning programs.

Some of the EEA’s signature programs include:

  • Early Childhood Music
  • Music by the Bedside
  • Winterfest Live on the Vine
  • EEA Gallery
  • Community Mosaic
  • Teeny Awards
  • Perlman Strings Collaborative

Please consider learning more, getting involved, attending EEA events, and becoming a donor or benefactor.  Click here to visit the East End Arts website.

All Photos:  Provided by East End Arts, Jim Lennon, Katherine Liepe-Levinson, Jon Holderer. (Please click to enlarge and click through the photos above.)

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Good Books!

Good Books!

Stephan Bogardus of North Fork Table is up for Nomination for James Beard Award

Stephan Bogardus of North Fork Table is up for Nomination for James Beard Award