Women of a Certain Age:  "Product," a Discussion.

Women of a Certain Age: "Product," a Discussion.

Women of a Certain Age-- What's that all about?

Well, we would just say that if you are asking that question, you might not have reached the point yet--that you can "enjoy" the experience first hand.  But trust us, it's coming, and if not you, without a doubt, you will know someone who will knowingly shake her head upon reading this title.  The word "enjoy" is chosen a bit tongue in cheek, because some of this rite of passage (into Lord knows where) is excruciatingly uncomfortable.  Yes, the physical pinch, chafe, and wrinkle, along with a dose of self-consciousness and self-confidence (!) aptly represent both the physical and emotional aspects  of reaching this seasoned, and dare we say, "mature" point in life. In Women of a Certain Age, we will be laying it all out there for you to experience with us. Janet Greenfield, with her aware sense of self and irony, is leading us through. 

"Product," a Discussion.

I would like to say that my interest in the subject of beauty products is not personal, but rather the result of a marketer's curious mind--the need to know the "why" behind:  "Why do some people, regardless of their age, have this incredible affinity, no obsession really, with beauty products?  But, in fact, I cannot say that.  The truth is that I simply cannot resist them.  The evidence speaks for itself.

A sample of hair and skin products on hand.

This photo represents a survey of the products that are lurking in my cabinet.  Of course this does not include those products that have already lived their life out in my cabinet, having been used once or twice, and then put there until their shelf life expired; and it only includes products for the face and hair. 

I believe that this affinity has intensified with age.  Of course I will want to try a product that is made from all natural ingredients, perhaps even ingredients from under the sea, that will make my hair fuller, shinier, softer to the touch;  or my skin "pouffed up" by hydrating naturally-- rendering all fine wrinkles and lines just GONE!  Then there is skin tone evener, and cleanser--maybe even a mask or peel-- you have to get any make-up and all the "product" used during the day off, don't you?  And once it is all off you have to pile on the night cream so it can do its work while you are sleeping, so that you can then begin the quest all over again the next day.  I know reading this, it seems like a far fetch, but in fact, I really am a super sensible person.  And in other aspects of my life I would never consider trying things with such abandon, resulting in such waste!  Gee, I hope my husband doesn't read this!

Sadly, I think it is because we are bombarded daily with photos and stories of women who, having been photo-shopped, don't have any lines in their faces, and appear to have defied the natural aging process--using "this product." I love  the articles in magazines such as InStyle that feature the "must have, I cannot do without" products of celebrities we adore.  We want to look like that too!  We want to stave "it" off.  Heck, people even have surgery--several surgeries--to keep up the charade.  We want to stay young, and look young.  But isn't it great how Dame Judi Dench looks beautiful at age 82, wrinkles and all?  Helen Mirren, Brooke Shields, Sigourney Weaver, Julia Roberts, and Jodie Foster have all stated that they are opposed to plastic surgery;  Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and Daniel Craig too.  

So, Hummingbird reader, can you shed any light on this subject?  Truly, I want to know.  But, in the meanwhile, I would love to have a look in their cosmetic cabinets.  Surely they must have something I haven't tried yet.



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