North Fork-Brooklyn Connection

Ever notice how much people from Brooklyn enjoy the North Fork vibe, and visa versa? 

About 4 or 5 years ago, my husband, a real estate broker on the North Fork, was reviewing a real estate update and said to me, “Look at these transfers—I have been noticing an increasing number of buyers on the North Fork are coming from Brooklyn.”  We began discussing the trend we saw building.  We were extremely interested because as they were looking for second homes here, perhaps to transition to at some point in the future, we were talking about purchasing an apartment in Brooklyn Heights.  My marketing mind was working overtime.  The obvious occurred to me:  that the North Fork was to Brooklyn what the Hamptons are to Manhattan.  Residents of Brooklyn appreciated the less flashy, down to earth, rural vibe of the North Fork, while Manhattan dwellers craved the “scene,” the mansion bungalows, and the amenities on the South Fork.  Of course, the Hamptons has the ocean;  the North Fork’s got it on vineyards and farms; and so on.  And there is a price differential. 

Fast forward to today when we hear areas of the North Fork referred to as “Brooklyn East.”  We really don’t mind.  We will happily feature both, and also throw in some Hamptons greatness when we see it.

In this section, we will feature anecdotes, highlights of great resources in both places, perhaps some real estate insights, and much more.

Check out the best of the North Fork and Brooklyn.



Recipe. You Won't Want to Miss This!

Recipe. You Won't Want to Miss This!

Just Folks.  "Last Call."

Just Folks. "Last Call."