Musings & Threads: Hurricane Harvey

'“Danny," she would say, “Hurricanes are as close to God as you can get.” The lesson she drew from them was that storms never last. Blue skies always follow, eventually. If you have the soul and the spirit, you’ll see it through. Just steel your will; keep on keeping on. Brighter days are coming.'


Dan Rather, commenting amidst the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.


Dan Rather was recounting the perspective of his maternal "Grandmother Page," who spent her life in Bloomington, Texas, near Rockport where Harvey hit land.  Rather advised Houston to hang on, that help is on the way;  that we will get through this, and Americans will help because that is the "American creed."  I couldn't agree more.  Grandmother Page's description of the effects, and aftermath, of a hurricane, conjures many parallels.


Strike!  Bowling + Life Parallels

Strike! Bowling + Life Parallels