Musings & Threads.  Brief But Important.

Musings & Threads. Brief But Important.

The Turner Prize, the Leading British Contemporary Art Award, is Won by Lubaina Himid


This little piece of news,  which based on the current news cycle(s), has no chance of making it to the top of the “news pile,” is so exciting and momentous!

Why is this important?

  • A racial barrier has been broken!
  • An age barrier has been broken!
  • Significant issues of colonial history and the existence of racism today are addressed in Himid’s award-winning art!

Go UK!!!!

Lubaina Himid is described as “the under-appreciated hero of black British art.” (Daily Telegraph).  Her ability to win this year, aside from her enormous talent and focus, is that for the first time since 1991, the Turner Award, 50 or younger age restriction, was removed.  Zanzibar-born Himid is, in fact, 63.  Painting on “canvases” of various forms, including pottery, wooden figures, and newspapers, perhaps one of her most well-known works is her tableau A Fashionable Marriage, 1987, her take on Marriage A-la Mode.  It is a political satire which includes among others, cut-outs of Ronald Reagan and a “flirting” Margaret Thatcher.

Himid is a professor of contemporary art at the University of Central Lancashire, and has been recognized as an influential curator and educator, and for her service to “black women’s art.” (BBC)

To read more about the Turner Award and to see images of Himid's work, do a quick search of the Turner Prize and/or Lubaina Himid.  It will be worth your while.

We at Hummingbird, thought you would feel happy to know this!

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