Musings & Threads.  Magic.

Musings & Threads. Magic.


We were just getting ready to go to our daughter’s apartment in DUMBO—for Christmas Eve with her family—at 5:00 p.m. sharp.  My cell phone rang—would I be able to take our grandson out for a half hour when we got there, so that they could do some wrapping, and James could expend some energy.  "Sure," I said, thinking it’s cold, wet, and dark out.  What are we going to do outside for a half hour? 

We walked over to Brooklyn Bridge Park—to the Pirate Ship, a playground James loves-- and I was somewhat glad when James said, “It’s a little creepy here Poppy.”  Even he noticed we were the only ones—and it was very dark and the wind was blowing with the trees casting large shadows on the play-top.

In the distance, I saw Jane’s Carousel which appeared to be lit up.  “Maybe the Carousel’s open,” I said.  James said, “Probably not.”  I said, “ Let’s try.”  So we walked down the path—it was just a short distance—less than ¼ mile, and happily—it WAS open.  Not only was it open, but it was hopping.  We got on line and waited for the ride to finish and then we got on.  James found a great horse, a chestnut stallion with impressive silver and maroon trappings, and climbed on.  I made sure the belt was tight and was going to get on a horse myself when James said, “Poppy.  I got this.  I don’t need a grown up to stay on with me.”  Oh—when did this happen, I thought.  “OK.” And I jumped off just in time, and gave James a wave. 

As soon as the music started and the carousel began to turn, James was transfixed.  He was in his own thoughts and his imagination had taken over.  He caught my eye as he made the turn and waved quickly and then was looking forward.  He had places to go.  The carousel was full, and I began to take note of the other riders. I hadn’t realized, that an entire wedding party was on.  The bride, in a beautiful white gown, and the groom, in formal black attire sat in a magnificent gold chariot with gilded eagles and a goddess with a tiara draped in an American flag.  Ahead and behind rode the wedding party, best man at the ready for any unforeseen peril and the bridesmaids riding side-saddle in their long pink dresses.  What a celebration!  Everyone, bride and groom included, was taking selfies at each spin of the ride.

When the ride ended James and I walked outside into the rain.  He slipped his hand in mine, and we walked home without a word.  Time to get ready for Santa.

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