Musings & Threads:  10 Reasons I Wish I Were my Dog

Musings & Threads: 10 Reasons I Wish I Were my Dog

10 Reasons I Wish I Were my Dog

A couple of weeks ago I adopted an 8-year-old Maltese mix from the local SPCA.  His previous owners indicated that he had a lot of issues; however, I have found him to be a pretty good dog.  He is not perfect, but neither am I.  He is very, very sweet and a big time cuddler, so who could ask for anything more?  While I am working with him, I realize that he has a lot of traits that I would like, so, here are the top 10 reasons I wish I were my dog (and I would love to hear from you about yours).

10.  Gus doesn’t care what his name is. When I got him it was Cookie and he didn’t mind that name either.

9.  Gus adapts to anything that happens to him.  He went from a home with a large family, to 30 days in a shelter, to just me in my house.  Within 3 days, he was happy and content.  He just rolls with the punches.

8.  Gus lives in the moment and each moment is an opportunity for happiness.

7.  Gus gets treats every time he pees in the right place (housebreaking was one of his issues); I would be rich if I got money for every time I peed in the right place.

6.  Gus just wants love; he doesn’t want money or fame.  He views every seated person as a potential snuggler and he gives them the chance to kiss and hug him.

5.  Gus has a lot of confidence.  Gus is curious about everyone and everything, even at 8.  And if he is intimidated by it, he just pees on it.

4.  Gus is happy in his own skin and doesn’t care what he is wearing or looks like.

3.  Gus expects to be loved and because he expects it, he is.

2. Gus doesn’t care what you look like or smell like, as long as you want to be with him, he wants to be with you.

1.  Gus looks as good with his clothes off as his clothes on.

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Happy New Year!

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