Some Hummingbird FAQs

Some Hummingbird FAQs

Some Hummingbird FAQs.  

Here are the questions we've been asked most often since our launch.  We will continue to update this section as Hummingbird evolves. 

How are we doing?

In a word, GREAT!!  With many thanks to you, our readers, we are expanding our repertoire and establishing our rhythm.  In a nutshell, according to the "data," in our first 7 weeks, we have had approximately 1,500 visits with just shy of 5,000 page views!  We are pretty excited about these results as our goal was a soft roll-out.  We have posted on our Facebook page, with no "boosts," and our growth has been organic--either by post shares or word of mouth.  We are consistently searched through google and other search engines.  The majority of our visits are sourced directly-- readers are accessing the blog through the Hummingbird URL, with social--primarily Facebook, our second largest source of visitors.  Our goal is to establish a loyal base of readers that follow our blog and authors.  So far, so good!  We have 500-600 of you regularly navigating through our blog.  Keep it up and please tell your friends about us.  We are energized!

How do I know when there is a new post?

That is easy!  Just "like" or "follow" page on Facebook.  We post all of our Hummingbird posts as they are published to this page.  See that little circle with the lower case "f" in it above--upper right, next to the search symbol?  Just click on that, and it will take you right to the Hummingbird Facebook page. (There is also the "f" symbol on the right hand side of the middle of the page, and also at the bottom--we aim to make it convenient for you!) As a rule, we post at least one new post daily.

How can I find a group or collection of posts, i.e. by a specific author, or our emerging writers, a series, or artists? 

Now this is really, really easy, and we are excited to show off some of the functionality that our readers can take advantage of!

First we'd like to introduce you to the "Navigation Hamburger."  It is the 3 horizontal lines that appear at the upper left of your page.  Click on it, and a full navigation menu will open.  On the left hand side, you will see a list of Main Navigation pages.  When you open these pages, you will have access to the main page along with links to associated content.  On the right hand side of the navigation box, you will see an alphabetical list of all the tags associated with posts that have been published.  When you click on a tag, all of the posts that have been labeled with this tag will come up on one page.

Click the image below to enlarge.

Navigation Hamburger

If you would like to click through posts in chronological order, you can use the arrows that you see on the right and left of each post page just below the thumbnail image at the top of the page.  

Do you have additional questions?  Please let us know--click here.

Hummingbird Readers Rule!

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