Every Now & Again

Every Now & Again

Now & Again

Every now and again we come across a talent that we know is extraordinary.  A main goal of Hummingbird is for us to support and celebrate the emerging talent both inside and outside ourselves.  Candidly, when I envisioned this, I didn't think about the exceptional talent of young children among us.  Of course we have to support and celebrate them!  So every now and again, when something extraordinary, like the portrait presented comes to our attention, we will share it with you.  I can't think of many things more joyous to discover than a young artist.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to have my friend show me a piece her granddaughter Alexa drew.  She said, "It's really good, isn't it?"  I was taken aback, "Your Alexa--she's just 11--this is hers?"  Well, yes it is.  So far Alexa is mostly self-taught.  That is, she determines what she feels she needs to learn for her art, and then researches technique on youtube, then tries it herself, and practices.  She loves art.  We asked her to tell us about herself and her story of this portrait she drew of Robert Downey, Jr.  Here it is, unedited, in her own words.


I’m Alexa and I’m 11. My journey to becoming a good artist was inspired by Papa, my great grandfather. Papa loved to draw people, and so do I. His love for drawing people influenced me to try and do it myself. My first portrait was of Robert Downey, Jr. I chose him because I love the Avengers. I had drawn Robert Downey, Jr. before. I drew him as a caricature in 3rd grade.

I started drawing portraits after practicing drawing eyes for several months. When I could make them expressive, I combined them with mouths and noses to make faces. Robert Downey, Jr. was my favorite caricature, so I wanted to see if I could draw his portrait realistically. After several hours, I had completed my favorite of all of my portraits.

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Alexa's Robert Downey, Jr.

A Moment's Thought

A Moment's Thought

Travel Series:  Key West, Fishing.

Travel Series: Key West, Fishing.